The spiritual health and growth of our children, youth and vulnerable adults is a top priority. Along with their spiritual wellbeing, we acknowledge our responsibility to keep our children and youth physically and emotionally safe. Their innocence is a gift given by God. They are naturally trusting, and readily place their faith in those who care for them. It is our responsibility as a church to safeguard the trust of vulnerable individuals and our commitment is to be proactive in protecting them while participating in our programs. We have therefore established guidelines for the prevention of abuse.

We appreciate and support the volunteers and staff who serve our vulnerable Individuals. They too need the security of knowing that processes and procedures are in place to minimize any possibility of a false accusation.

We have a Plan to Protect® Policy that establishes, to the best of our ability, the criteria for the provision of a safe environment for Vulnerable Individuals, and Ministry Personnel.

For more information please contact:

Pastor Eva Hayes at or call 519-271-5407 extension 101

Melodie Bissell, President and Co-Author of Plan to Protect® shares
“Having a safe organization is all about protecting people! It is about protecting the children! Protecting youth! Protecting those with disabilities and protecting the elderly! Plan to Protect® can be a precious gift to parents and caregivers, demonstrating that we will care for their loved ones. Plan to Protect® is about fulfilling our duty of care for our precious volunteers and staff! Finally, Plan to Protect® is about validating victims and survivors who have encountered harm and have painful memories of abuse. We can do that by demonstrating to them that we want to go the extra mile so that no one else has to experience their pain and torment.”