g. a. p.

(Formerly known as Lighthouse Stratford)


Please Note: g. a. p. is on hiatus until further notice. 
You have successfully navigated and completed your high school career….so now what?
If you are finished high school and have not yet turned 30, then this group is for you! We invite you to join us as we figure out how to reconcile faith with the great big world outside the realm of high school.
Come journey with us in a safe space where there are no dumb questions.
To really learn how to own your faith and figure out how to successfully begin adulting. All this in a safe, welcoming and inviting community of people who are on the same journey!
We meet on Monday evenings at Elgin Church from 7-8:30 pm and everyone is welcome regardless of church or no church affiliations. Let’s tackle this journey together!